Judith Schwab Words


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Tbilisi Diary Diary/journal kept during my trip to Tbilisi, Georgia (Russia) after being inviting to visit for an art exchange ( more needed)
Troitsk Diary Diary/journal kept during my trip to Troitsk, Russia. (more needed)
China Diary Diary/journal a kept during my trip to China
Arch Analogies Stream of conscience type musings on the arch. I had received a collection of century old arches from a rennovated municiple bulding. This building was a water works facillity in Wilmington, Delaware that cleaned & processed water for the city of Wilmington. (more needed)
Wood Woman Poem written by John Farnum after being inspired by my installation, Searching Nature, at the University of Delaware while I was an MFA student there. This work, in turn, inspired other installations that followed, including a recorded reading of the poem and interpretive dance & choreography performed in the gallery/installtion space.
Ninteenth Century Rain Inspring poem by Charles Ades Fishman
The Bridge of Art My reflections on my bridges.
Holocaust Memorial In the last 1980s, I submitted an architectual sketch and maquettes depicting a memorial of the Holocaust to be installed onsite at a location in New York. It was during that time I met Charles Fishman, who was one of the panelists evaluating and judging submissions for this memorial...