Judith Schwab Making Waves (Current work)

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Acknowledgements :

Wave # 12 “What  language  does  the  earth  speak?

Judith Schwab wishes to express her  gratitude to Stanley Barkin, publisher of Cross-Cultural Communications, for arranging translations of a sentence in Charles Fishman’s poem “Speaking Island”: What language does the earth speak?

* appears in the artwork on the feathers in Wave #12


Bengali            *Hassanal Abdullah
Bulgarian           Vantzeti Vassilev
French               Stanley H. Barkan [uncertain about Quel vs. Que]
Hebrew            *Shoshshana Zemach, from Orna Rav-Hon
Italian               Stanley H. Barkan with Florence Gatto
Japanese         *Naoshi Koriyama
Korean            *Kyung-nyun Kim Richards 
Persian/Farsi     Mahmood Karimi-Hakak 
Portuguese        Roy Cravzow
Russian             Mark Polyakov
Spanish             Stanley H. Barkin with Tino Villanueva 
Swahili              Agnes Mathenge with Arthur Dobrin
Serbian            *Biljana D. Obradoivic